Gathering Governments, Investors and the largest companies from the region and internationals.

The Net-Zero Circle, by IN-VR is pleased to announce the second edition of Argentina’s official Green Summit “Argentina Green Energy Summit 2024”. A unique opportunity to connect with the clean energy industry in an exclusive forum dedicated to exploring opportunities, discussion, and leadership in Argentina’s green energy sector.

​Argentina is one of the leading countries in the energy transition and has committed to developing 30% of the national energy matrix with renewable energies. To achieve these commitments, significant investment will be needed until 2030.

​Over two days, our dedicated platform for clean energy and the only one in the country, will cover key industry topics, making it a game-changer. Participants can gain valuable insights on the renewables industry in Argentina, including ongoing and upcoming wind and solar projects, efficient large-scale farming, and incorporating renewables into electrical infrastructure. The summit will also cover climate change, hybrid solar and wind farms, energy storage with lithium batteries, green hydrogen development, and case studies from Chile.

You will be at the forefront of the conversation about the energy transition in Argentina.

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